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Our advantages
Vast working experience in many fields
Specialists of the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” enjoy a unique experience of rendering services to enterprises practically in all industries: metallurgy, mining, chemical, fuel and energy, machine building, transport, food-processing, printing, agricultural, trade, banking, insurance, information and educational, etc. including foreign investors (for detail, see "Our Clients").
Working experience with biggest entities
Clients of the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” include biggest entities, which are outstanding players not only in the Ukrainian market but also in the global international one.
For example, they include the Opened Joint Stock Company “Ordzhonikidze ore-dressing and processing enterprise”, OJSC “Marganets ore-dressing and processing enterprise” – both of them are biggest in the world dealing with ore-dressing and processing of manganese ore, OJSC Krivorozhskiy turbine plant “Konstar” – a European leader in the field of manufacturing of gas turbine units and engines, OJSC “DneprAZOT”(nitrogen) and OJSC “Dneproshina”(tires) – both of them are biggest in the Ukrainian chemical industry, OJSC “Pavlogradugol” (coal mining) – leader of the Ukrainian mining industry, and other enterprises.
Catering for a long-term cooperation with Clients
The Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” strives for the most comprehensive satisfaction of the Clients’ needs and adhere to flexible pricing policy in order to establish long-term, stable and mutually beneficial relations with Clients.
For example, since 1993, the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” has been rendering auditing services to the Commercial Bank “Zemelniy capital”, and since 1994 – to the “Privat” Group companies, since 1997 – to the CB “Credit-Dnepr”. OJSC Krivorozhskiy turbine plant “Konstar” and OJSC “Dneprometiz” (wire products) obtain services of the Group from the very date of their registration as corporations till present time.
Experience of large-scale projects implementation
Experts of the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” have a significant experience of realization of dozens of big projects.
For example, specialist of the firm “INCON-CENTRE” LLC has conducted an appraisal of both tangible and intangible assets, and equity of such well-known companies as “ISTA”, “Olvia Beta Cleaning Products Co.”, “WESTA”, “Interpipe Nico Tube” LLC, OJSC “Gallichpharm”, “Veres” and others.
Composite nature of services
Concentration of efforts of various qualified specialists such as, lawyers, accountants, auditors, appraisers, analysts, programmers and others guarantees a comprehensive resolution of Clients’ problems.
For example, our analysts have prepared business-plans for certain projects of our Clients, and at the same time appraisers conducted assets valuation, which were contributed to an authorized capital of an invested enterprise, and auditors reviewed its financial statements and assessed its financial status, lawyers developed a legal mechanism to minimize investor’s risk, and tax advisers built an optimal scheme of making investments and further efficient use of financial resources.
Working experience of cooperation with foreign investors
Due to the extensive use of the International Standards and high quality of services rendered, specialists of the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” enjoy confidence and trust of foreign investors and have an experience of providing professional services to them (audit, appraisal, etc.).
For example, specialists of the Auditing firm “COWPERWOOD” conducted audits of financial statements of Ukrainian entities which were prepared in accordance with the IFRS, for foreign investors (“Technocontract”, Ukrainian–British company with foreign investments, “Agrotekhcomplex LTD”, Ukrainian–British company with foreign investments, “BJU-Invest, a daughter company with foreign investments), às well as confirmed conclusions prepared by auditors non-residents (the audit report prepared by “Blick Rotenberg” /United Kingdom/ to the shareholders of “Rosstock UK Limited” /United Kingdom/, the audit report prepared by “Ledra Audit Services Limited” /Cyprus/ to the participants of “Tempsford Investments Limited” /Cyprus/, the audit report prepared by “PricewaterhouseCoopers” to the shareholders of the CB “PRIVATBANK” etc.
Wide range of competence and professionalism of employees
Consolidation of profound special knowledge and valuable experience in many industries guarantee the wide range of competence and professionalism of more than sixty employees of the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD”.
Auditors, accountants, appraisers, analysts with scientific degrees, domestic and foreign certificates of different programs, such as ACU, UAA, CIPA-EN, UNIDO, etc., as well as other highly professional specialists are employees of the Group.
For example, our employees include engineers (constructors, designers and others) having more than 35 years of experience, economists (accountants, analysts, auditors, appraisers and others) with more than 30 years of experience, lawyers and advisers with more than 15 years of experience, programmers – with more than 10 years of experience, as well as other specialists.
Recognized professionalism
Employees of the Group are well-known in the professional circles not only because of the quality of their services to Clients, but also due to numerous publications in Ukraine and abroad, their reports at the International and all-Ukrainian forums, congresses, conferences, conducting of authors’ seminars, etc.
For example, our specialists addressed meetings and delivered lectures on appraisal and cost management in Moscow, Tyumen, Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation), Limassol (Cyprus), Chishinav (Republic of Moldova), Ìinsk (Republic of Belarus), etc.
Stability of personnel
The stability of personnel ensures not only high quality of services rendered but also confidentiality of information, which was disclosed during the performance of work. It enables possibility to provide services to entities owned by different financial-industrial groups in conditions of their competition (including, PRIVAT GROUP, INTERPIPE, ISD, SCM, SEVERSTAL, TAS, DTS etc.).
For example, all auditors of the AF “COWPERWOOD” work for the company at least seven years, and more than 80% of them – for more than twelve years.
Active innovation activity
Specialists of the Group not only use the best International and Ukrainian practice, but also conduct their own fundamental and applied scientific researches, and many of them were already recognized in Ukraine and abroad.
For example, appraisal method of the liquidation value - GMLV, developed by the Group’s experts in the middle of 1990-s for its own clients - banks, nowadays is successfully used by many banks, appraisal and consulting companies in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Azerbaijan and other countries. Wide recognition of said method among specialists has facilitated the Group to become a reliable assistant in assessment of collateral for some banks in Ukraine and abroad, including: OJSC “Reiffeisen Bank Aval”, CB “PRIVATBANK”, “UNICREDIT BANK” LLC, CJSC “OTP BANK”, OJSC “KREDOBANK”, CJSC “Alpha-Bank”(Ukraine), OJSC “UKRSIBBANK”, OJSC “UKREXIMBANK”, JSCB “NADRA”, etc. In 2004, a special Internet-program – “gQuickDecision” was developed on the basis of said method, which enables the Group to provide its Clients with liquidation value calculation services via Internet in Ukraine and abroad.
Efficient cooperation with professional public organizations and partners
Due to active public activities of the Group’s leader and our specialists, the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” is solidly integrated and efficiently interacts with key Ukrainian and foreign professional public organizations, such as: European Business Association (EBA), Auditors association of Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian Associations of Appraisers, Council of Appraisers’ Association of CIS, Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts, Ukrainian Association of Taxpayers, Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (UUIE), Institute of Internal Auditors, National IPO Committee, Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc., that, undoubtedly, facilitates rendering services on the highest professional level.
For example, “INCON-CENTRE” LLC (the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD”) is a Ukrainian Representative (in the field of “Valuation”) of the “NP Consult” (Russia) – a member of Moore Stephens (www.npg.ru).
A well-deserved authority
The Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” has gained a well-deserved authority in Ukrainian and foreign business circles because of high professionalism of its experts, vast and versatile working experience, its unique innovation researches and solutions, às well as reasonable conservatism and weighted approaches.
According to the rating of Ukrainian auditing and consulting companies prepared by the Rating Center IG “Expert Ukraine” in 2006, the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” was the leader of the Ukrainian market of consulting services (www.expertra.com).
In March 2002, the AF “COWPERWOOD” was awarded with the Honorary Diploma “Golden Mercury” of the First Grade, in the nomination “Small and Medium-sized Business”, set up by Dnepropetrovsk Oblast State Administration and Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the evidence of the Group’s successful activity.
In 2002, in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Valeriy Galasyuk, leader of the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD”, received an appreciation letter from Mr. Kinakh A.K., President of the UUIE, for his fruitful work and considerable personal achievements in developing of market economy of Ukraine.
Valeriy Galasyuk was also awarded with the Honorary Deed of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers (Resolution ¹758 dated 21.05.2003.) for his major contribution to conversion of tax relations system in Ukraine and guaranteeing protection of taxpayers’ rights.
“INCON-CENTRE” LLC is the only firm in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, which was accredited by the Ukrainian Association of Appraisers. This fact is an evidence of firm’s recognition as one of the leaders in the field of practical appraisal, às well as in theory and methodology of property&property rights valuation, professional training and raising of appraisers’ qualification in Ukraine.
High quality of services, accurate observance of deadlines and guaranteed performance of commitments – this is not our advantage, but standards of the Group!