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Our Services
The Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD” is providing a wide range of professional services including:
  • Financial statements auditing (including banks and other financial institutions) in accordance with the International Audit Standards.
  • Examination of accuracy of taxes and duties (mandatory payments) charging and tax reporting.
  • Conversion of financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Consulting on financial, tax and managerial accounting and financial reporting issues.
  • Providing other audit services.
  • Accounting maintenance.
  • Thematic seminars.
  • Valuation for the purpose of assets revaluation in accounting and their representation in financial statements on the basis of fair value.
  • Valuation for the purpose of market, investment or other type value determination when buying/selling assets.
  • Valuation for the purpose of market/liquidation value determination when pledging assets as collateral, as well when raising loan financing.
  • Valuation for the purpose of tangible or intangible assets recognition in a balance sheet on the basis of fair value, including recognition of those assets that are created on your own, or exchanged for other assets, etc.
  • Valuation for the purpose of market or other value determination when placing assets in the statutory fund of the entities being established, as well when reorganizing entities, etc.
  • Thematic seminars.
  • Legal consultations.
  • Legal analysis of legal documents.
  • Drafting of legal documents (including agreements, applications, complaints and claims).
  • Legal support of clients’ business activity, as subscribers of legal services.
  • Representation of clients’ interests and protection of their rights during business negotiations, including conclusion, execution and termination of deals.
  • Representation of clients’ interests and protection of their rights at the State executive bodies, local government offices, other enterprises, institutions and organizations.
  • Representation of clients’ interests and protection of their rights at economic courts and arbitration tribunals.
  • Thematic seminars.
  • Consulting of legal persons and individuals regarding tax planning.
  • Legal assessment of auditing certificates and decisions of the Ukrainian State Tax Administration (USTA) regarding imposition of penalties.
  • Rendering of information and consulting services to entities regarding accounting, taxation and other issues of their financial and economic activity.
  • Consulting on currency legislation and other aspects of export and import transactions.
  • Conducting of thematic seminars.
  • Financial and economic analysis (for the purpose of business effectiveness evaluation, financial policy design, ascertaining of buried reserves for business development, etc.).
  • Drawing up of business plans and their expertise (in order to obtain loans/investments, ensure sound business development, effective buying/selling of a business, etc.).
  • Independent investment project appraisal (on pre-investment, investment, operation and evaluation phases).
  • Economic modeling of a business processes and consulting on improving economic effectiveness of business.
  • Preparation of annual reports (for owners, executives, creditors, etc.) and consulting on improvement of investment attractiveness of business entities.
  • Market research (for the purpose of goods marketability study, assessment of prospects of entering new markets, etc.).
  • Thematic seminars on business planning, appraisal of investment projects, financial and economic analysis, value appraisal and assets management of enterprises.
  • Implementation and maintenance of “LIGA:ZAKON” – a computer information and consulting systems, which ensure an information support of the decision making process in every sphere of business activity, as well as enable a complex resolution of matters dealing with information and legal support of entities, regardless their patterns of ownership.
  • Connection to the “gQuickDecision” – an Internet module, which provides a possibility of prompt calculation of objects’ liquidation value in the Internet medium, maximum loan amount for given collateral levels of loans, etc.
  • Thematic seminars.
  • Registration of invention, industrial models and trade marks, both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Expertise of patent clearance.
  • Copyright protection.
  • Legal protection of computer programs and data bases.
  • Elaboration of license and copyright agreements.
  • Thematic seminars.
Pricing policy
Cost of services, rendered by the Consulting Group “COWPERWOOD”, is determined, first of all, by their high quality, that is why it is higher than the average cost of similar services in the national market.