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The number one accounting and bookkeeping company in Dnepropetrovsk, BOOKKEEPER Ltd., provides high-class accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses (public and private companies, LTDs, sole proprietors) and individuals. Accounting and bookkeeping is our vocation. The best accounting and bookkeeping in Dnepropetrovsk is our product.
Regarding accounting and bookkeeping questions please contact:
Address: 17/8 Serova str., 3rd floor, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49000
Tel. +38 (0562) 34-15-97, 36-50-67, +38 (056) 370-13-90, 744-28-89;
E-mail: bookkeeper@ukrpost.ua
We provide the following professional accounting and audit services:
Accounting and Bookkeeping
This is a core service our accounting and bookkeeping bureau provides to individuals and businesses in Dnepropetrovsk and across Ukraine. It is of the highest demand among our clients as it allows them to forget about accounting and bookkeeping issues and to completely focus on their businesses. The only thing a client needs to do is to submit source documents (contracts, statements, invoices, money orders, etc.) in a timely fashion and to leave the rest to us.
Comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services package includes:
  • Development of accounting policy consistent with company needs and compliant with applicable legislation
  • Verification of source documents submitted by clients
  • Assisting clients in drafting source documents in a proper way
  • Processing source documents and reflecting transactions in 1C Accounting System
  • Calculation of taxes, fees and other duties
  • Accounts and tax records maintenance
  • Accounting, tax and statistics reports preparation
  • Submission of reports to state tax agencies, non state-financed foundations and state statistics agencies
  • Protection and support of customer interests in state tax agencies, non state-financed foundations and state statistics agencies
  • Preparation of managerial reports for clients (in English if needed)
  • Accounting, tax and managerial consulting
More than 80 our permanent clients, both individuals and businesses, have already appreciated the advantages of our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services package.
How much do accounting and bookkeeping services cost? The price for our services starts from 500.00 UAH per month for a dormant company.
Tax Reporting
This is an auxiliary service that our accounting and bookkeeping bureau provides to individuals and companies of Dnepropetrovsk and Ukraine that do accounting and bookkeeping themselves but want to assign the most important and the riskiest aspect - taxation - to experienced professionals. Besides, the approval of a new Tax Code has considerably changed the rules of the game and tax risks have risen considerably. Experimenting with tax declarations is inappropriate. It is better to entrust these tasks to professionals.
Our tax reporting services include:
  • Preparation of tax declarations for corporations, private companies and individuals
  • Verification of tax declarations prepared by clients
  • Submission of tax declarations (including dormant companies) to tax authorities
Tax Consulting
You may need this service both when setting up a new business and when adapting to the new Tax Code. Avoiding taxes is a crime, but paying more than you can is the road to bankruptcy. We always keep abreast of the latest developments in accounting and tax legislation, which is why our clients are not worried about their backs and successfully develop their businesses.
Our tax consulting services include:
  • Selection of the most suitable taxation scheme with due consideration of business peculiarities
  • Development of tax optimization schemes and their economic and legal analysis
  • Continuous consulting support on taxation for corporations, private companies and individuals
  • One-time tax consultations for corporations, private companies and individuals
IFRS Transformation
This service is rather useful to companies whose founders or creditors are foreign companies. To prepare consolidated financial reports, foreign investors need IFRS-compliant reports and not Ukrainian standards reports.
IFRS transformation services include:
  • Defining preferred reporting format for further consolidation with a parent company
  • Preparing financial reports based on accounting reports of a company in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and corporate standards of a parent company
  • Translation of financial reports into parent companys language (usually English)
Accounting and Bookkeeping Recovery
In case your accounting and bookkeeping processes have for some reason been interrupted, we are ready to offer you a prompt professional assistance in accounting and bookkeeping recovery.
Accounting and bookkeeping recovery services include:
  • Systematization of available source documents
  • Recovery of missing accounting and tax ledgers
  • Preparation of accounting, tax and statistics reports
  • Assessment of residual tax risks connected with interruptions in accounting processes
  • Recommendations on further accounting and bookkeeping
Accounting and Bookkeeping Personnel Assessment
In case you have decided to create an in-house accounting and bookkeeping function despite all the advantages of accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing, we will help you in selecting accountants and bookkeepers.
Assessment of accounting and bookkeeping personnel includes:
  • Professional assessment of accountants and bookkeepers (their knowledge, skills, experience)
  • Advising on personnel structure (number of employees, job descriptions, etc.)
Inventory Accounting
In case a client needs an additional professional assistance when taking inventory of company assets, we assign experienced experts from our accounting and bookkeeping bureau to participate in a task team on inventory.
Inventory accounting services include:
  • Defining asset groups (fixed assets, stock, etc.) to be inventoried, the scope of procedures to be implemented, role distribution in a task team, etc. in consultation with a client
  • Participation of our accountants in stock-taking
  • Documentation of the inventory accounting outcome
Audit Services
Audit is the main specialization of our parent company: COWPERWOOD Consulting Group. You can learn more about their services here. Besides, BOOKKEEPER clients get a discount on COWPERWOOD audit firm services.
How much do our services cost?
Our experts will answer this question as soon as they find out what you need and as soon as they preliminary assess the scope of work
You can contact us right away
Address: 17/8 Serova str., 3rd floor, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49
Tel. +38 (0562) 34-15-97, 36-50-67, +38 (056) 370-13-90, 744-28-89;